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Document Management

Cost Effective, Easy-To-Use Document Management System
Infinity DMS is a web-based document and workflow management system that allows you to manage your electronic documents in a fully integrated environment. It enables you to create, process, publish, share, store and search your office documents easily.

Infinity DMS is fully integrated with Infinity Workflow which allows you to automate your business processes and create your workflows easily with a built-in drag & drop workflow designer.

It also integrates with workflow designer to allow you to digitize your physical hardcopy documents and then manage them conveniently.

Key Benefits
  • View screenshotsData consistency by using centrally located copy on the server, no duplication
  • Cost saving on documents creation compared to physical form
  • Lower costs and save time for document production, and distribution
  • Better security and data integrity with access control and logging system
  • Increase productivity & efficiency by automating the workflow system
  • Easy to access information and increased availability
  • Knowledge base repository for better information sharing
  • Faster & better decision making by automating workflow processes
Key Features
  • Web Browser Access: Manage files and folders with Web browser you are familiar with, no additional software installation.
  • Metadata Management: System supports flexible metadata scheme and business-related document type specifications
  • Full Text Search: Supports content search for all major document formats such as MS Office, Text, HTML, PDF, WordPerfect, and more
  • Advanced Search: Search in Results, using Boolean, Wild Card, and any combinations, or search by metadata attributes and keywords as defined in document class. You can even save a list of past searches for quick retrieval
  • Search Security: Users can only search for and retrieve/find documents they are authorized to access
  • Version Control and Library Service: Check-in and check-out files while system automatically archives all versions. You can even run a version comparison and produce a report for deleted, inserted and modified lines of documents. Rollback to earlier versions is provided. System administrator can configure version method based on the organization specific version number and naming convention
  • Universal Viewer: Supports document view, annotate, highlight, and strike the content of 144 types of industry standard file formats directly in the web browser without the native applications installed. For example, AutoCAD drawings can be viewed without AutoCAD application installed.
  • RSS Feeds: Folder and document can be published as RSS feeds to display on your Intranet, Internet or use by any other applications.
  • Configurable File Browser: Use the system default file browser view or use options to define a customized view for display attributes, page size and browser timeout period
  • Master/Sub File and Link Support: Files can have multiple sub-files and/or linked files to manage related documents
  • PDF Conversion: Automatically convert MS Office, Text, HTML files to PDF format when creating a new document or converting to PDF when forwarding or approving documents
  • Transport Layer Security: Supports SSL security for information transporting between client browser and EDMS server
  • Roles and User Based Security Control: User/group security provides five levels of permission to access folders and files. Include Read, Preview, Prohibit Download, Modify and Delete. The security can be applied to each folder and file, by role or individual user.
  • Integrated Authentication: User authentication system also integrates with popular systems including Active Directory and LDAP
  • File Encryption/Decryption: Supports password-based file encryption/decryption
  • Audit Trial: Provides pre-configured audit trial report for document access and system operations. Also has enterprise report system to produce customized audit trial reports
  • Multi-Domain Functionality: Create independent domains for different departments or divisions to organize documents and knowledge workers according to business function. Assign user access to multiple domains
  • Graphical User Interface: Integrated GUI based workflow designer allows you to easily design business workflow for your document approval and review procedures with drag and drop.
  • WebDAV: Supports MS Windows and other WebDAV clients. Users can directly open MS Office from the system without downloading and save modified documents back to EDMS server with a new document version

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